Potters Guild UPDATE

A note from our Guild President….

Greetings Guild Members, as recommended by Governor Wolf and by common sense health safety precautions, the Art Alliance is closing down for the next two weeks. As an affiliate of the Art Alliance, we strongly recommend NOT USING THE CERAMIC STUDIO until the A.A. resumes activities. Since it is closed, the Art Alliance is NOT cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen or any of the upstairs during this time. IF you do choose to use the studio, we recommend that you use extreme precaution, which includes cleaning all touched surfaces before and after using them. Also, using the studio one at a time, since it is difficult to stay 6 feet away from one another in our tight space.

While we stay home, we could stay “ceramically active” by trying some of the following ideas!

Sketch forms to be created in the future
Throw at home if you have the means
Hand build and share our work online on our Potters Guild email platform
Study YouTube videos of ceramics techniques- share good ones with the Guild
Make a list of ceramics goals for the near future

What are YOUR “STAY and CLAY at home” suggestions??? Perhaps this is a great time for us to communicate via this email and some phone calls to special Guild friends!

Stay Safe!
Holly (Hunkered Down and Handwashing)